Accomodating student diversity

We provide an accessible space for studying, sharing interests, and developing a support network. Choose from student-run groups that involve arts and culture, political issues, cultural and ethic communities, amateur sports, gaming, media and most academic disciplines.

You're sure to find like-minded people to meet up with.

Another way to reform curriculum is to discuss social issues.

Educators can transform their classrooms by fostering an environment where students can ponder ideas such as what it means to be an active citizen, how discrimination and prejudice negatively affect democratic society, or how they can become more sensitive and respectful to social differences.

OMA’s programming is also integrated into UNV 101, a mandatory course for all Pace freshmen.

To help bolster the number of underrepresented groups at Pace, OMA also works with faculty to pair up a historically underrepresented student as a mentor.

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strives to engage and empower students, faculty and staff in their identities by implementing programs and events that foster intercultural leadership and strengthen community development.

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To that end, OMA is committed to sponsoring academic and cocurricular programming that includes symposia, lectures, film series, and more.When students learn to recognize their values, feelings, privileges, and biases, they become more self-aware.Five stages have been proposed for multicultural curriculum reform (see source by Paul C. Educators should compare the stages to their current practices and consider ways to improve their curriculua.Expanding curriculum to include a variety of perspectives not only allows educators to discuss views and ideas that are less common or underrepresented, but also provides students a more holistic understanding of the subject area.Furthermore, positive role models from a variety of different backgrounds and cultural groups can be included.

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