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If you missed any of it, not to fear: here's the year-end wrap up that will push your personal threat level to code orange.

Former attorney general John Ashcroft's declassified redemption narrative was the WTF revelation of aught-seven.

I do not find XXX amateur adult erotic images, photos, videos, pictures, stories, chat descriptions or depiction of sexual activities, nudity or similar matters to be either offensive or objectionable.

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Just upload pictures or grab them from your Flickr.

Behold, the Tom Hardy of the My Space era: That man right there—with the gut, the mustache, the goofy grin, and the tattoos—was the Tom Hardy of another time.

And Tom Hardy of 2015 is not ashamed of the man he once was."I've got no shame about my My Space photos, especially the one of me in my underpants which is a glorious photo of a man in his natural habitat," Hardy recently told Sky News. In America, they say, 'You should be ashamed of this,' but I'm actually not remotely ashamed—that is me in my natural habitat, thank you.

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