Accommodating cyclists at signalised intersections

While researchers have previously examined the safety perceptions of cycling infrastructure on midblock road sections, little is known about the safety perceptions of cycling infrastructure at intersections.

The aim of this study was to investigate which types of cycling infrastructure do cyclists perceive to be the safest at un-signalised intersections. Adult members of bicycle organisations (N=214) completed an online survey about their demographic characteristics, cycling habits, previous near-miss or collision experiences while cycling, and safety perceptions of cycling infrastructure at intersections.

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Off-road bicycle paths and footpaths were perceived to be the safest cycling infrastructure at un-signalised intersections (p citation databases.

It provides a methodology that allows Traffic Engineers to plan, design, and evaluate traffic signal controlled roadway intersections.

The CCG has been based on the current experience of practicing traffic engineers, transportation educators and students across Canada, and a considerable body of Canadian and international research.

Scopus includes citations from articles published in 1996 onwards, and Web of Science® generally from 1980 onwards.

Bicycles, just like any other vehicle, need space and time at signalised intersections but are often squeezed out.

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