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“May men go extinct, they caused us mental illness! In July, Human Rights Watch also published a report on the negative effects of the guardianship system on women’s rights.(CNN) -- "The full range of worldly temptations and vices are available -- alcohol, drugs, sex -- but strictly behind closed doors." If you want to get your readers' attention, it's not a bad way to start. "Behind the facade of Wahabi conservatism in the streets, the underground nightlife for Jeddah's elite youth is thriving and throbbing," the cable begins. diplomatic cable sent last year from the consulate in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia -- where alcohol is banned and carnal relations strictly regulated.

Nintendo's handheld/console hybrid, the Nintendo Switch, is almost here and it'll need some extra storage if you're planning on picking up those games.Model: 9334-111-XXXX-YYYY Splashproof cable assembly with stainless steel armor; uses 2-Pin Mil-style MS3106 female non-threaded (friction fit, molded boot) connector.Connector is fully potted to prevent moisture ingression.What with the Nintendo Switch supporting cards up to 2TB, there's plenty of different sizes to choose from.Older devices that pre-date SDXC’s introduction might therefore not be compatible, so be sure to check your product’s specifications.

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