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Geological analysis relies mainly on chemistry, physics and mathematics. a'a' lava - basaltic lava characterized by a rough or rubbly surface composed of broken lava blocks called clinker.

The large variety of rock types present in Hong Kong reflects the complexity of the geology of the region.SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: fiber tempering CATEGORY: ceramics DEFINITION: Any clay pottery to which grass or root fibers have been added as a tempering material.This ware is the earliest pottery in Caribbean South America and is the oldest pottery in the United States, making its appearance in Archaic shell mounds in Georgia and Florida before 2500 SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: FTNCATEGORY: culture DEFINITION: A term sometimes used to describe the earliest farming cultures in the temperate zone of Europe (and sometimes in other areas). Rapid Thinning of Pine Island Glacier in the Early Holocene. Basins and bedrock: Spatial variation in Be-10 erosion rates and increasing relief in the southern Rocky Mountains, USA.

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