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A court last week added to the number of people whose death sentences were reversed, announcing it would not retry Rodricus Crawford, who was previously found guilty in the death of his 1-year-old son and sentenced to death.The study also found stark racial disparities in how Louisiana uses the death penalty with authors, Frank Baumgartner and Tim Lyman calling the state’s relationship with capital punishment “deeply dysfunctional.” A black man is 30 times more likely to be sentenced to death for killing a white female than another black male, and anyone who kills a white person is six times more likely to be given the death penalty than someone who kills a black person, the authors found.“I’ve seen plenty of men say yes to a future when they felt backed against the wall, only to back out at a later date.If you have a reluctant fiancé, you’ve also got a reluctant husband! According to dating coach Samantha Karlin, “living with someone without a firm eye towards marriage means that anyone can get up and leave at any time, which breeds mutual disrespect, as opposed to mutual respect.” Karlin adds that she has “known a lot of women who move in with their boyfriends with the assumption that a proposal is one step away — but then two, three, four years later, the proposal still hasn’t come.North Baton Rouge leaders had pushed for the hospital to be the new location of an emergency room to serve the area, but Gov.John Bel Edwards’ administration negotiated a deal last year for Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center to open one instead.“The demographics are very positive, the area is growing very fast and there’s the Juban Crossing shopping center right across the road,” CST Principal Tom Delahaye says.

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But times are changing, and these days, it’s more common for couples to spend some time living together before taking a trip down the aisle.

Metro Councilwoman Chauna Banks, who advocated for the Champion deal, says in an email the hospital had a difficult time in the market here after other hospitals “turned their backs” on north Baton Rouge.

“I have one regret, and that is Champion (trying) to help our north Baton Rouge community put a target on their back and may have led to its decision to close,” Banks says, adding she doesn’t think there will be a significant impact on the region’s health or economic landscape.

Stroubes Grille, a hybrid of Stroubes steakhouse and Capital City Grill downtown, is set for a fall opening.

Walk On’s Bistreaux & Bar and several other tenants have come back after the flood.

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