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Bay ferries continued to run on Port Phillip, between Melbourne, Portarlington, Geelong, Queencliff, Portsea, Sorrento, Rye and Frankston well into the 1950s. [LSS],[LG],[AS1] In 1809, 11 June, stranded at Western Port, Gippsland coast; refloated and returned to Sydney.

With respect to shipping losses, Victoria can be considered in three parts - Port Phillip and its entrance, and Westernport, in the middle of the state; the rich pastures of Gippsland to the east, and the beautiful rugged coastline of the Great Oceans Road to the west.

With the world’s largest shipping fleet and a comprehensive inland network, we provide regular and fast connections to almost anywhere on the globe. You can connect to more customers than ever before – wherever in the world they happen to be.

With the discovery of gold in 1851, Melbourne soon became a major entry point to Australia.

By the end of the year and the following year, the demand for passage to Australia rose considerably.

Rivalry between the many shipping companies intensified as they fought, through advertisements extolling the virtues of their speedy and comfortable ships, for the lucrative new emigration trade.

This has now been put before the MSA for a change in the Blue Book.

This is NOW out for consultation and you have until the 24th June to reply. There are no restrictions on engine tuning, providing the cylinder block is of the same manufacture and configuration as the original and available during the production life of the vehicle. This rule doesnt ban any car with an engine that doesnt meet the rule as these cars will be reclassified into class 7 and NOT banned.

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