Rookie blue actors dating

Mocking them because of the wrong choice (we think) they've made is a turn off. You and Yoo Chun looking happiest, most natural and most matching together. Celebrities are just ordinary people who does things because they choose to do it. Han Ji Min is one of my fav actress, she did a great great job in rooftop prince ( i loooooved this drama ❤️❤️) so if you didn't like her in hyde jekyll me she is not the problem!!! Both of your acting skills was excellent and it was so natural and there is a sense of sincerity in your acting, so much so that I want to believe you are actually Park Ha and Yoo Chun, Lee Gak and remain as them. Like many who have said before me, you and Yoo Chun look good together.

I like her natural born beauty...b I admire her a lot. when i see ur acting, need the little bit of thing.nevertheless i love you more and more. just bear with me since i'm dying of waiting for her comeback. it can be a story of two siblings who fought for life's cruelty. Believe, like Yoo Chun has said, you have all the good traits and kind heart of Park Ha. Hello Ji Min, Like many have written before, I don't normally watch Korean TV serial. your movies proved how versatile you are as an actress. A sad love story surely will be an interesting genre suited for these two. he needs to date its been about 4 years he is been single after breaking up with song hye kyo time for him to date (or make family? And come to think of it, we don't have an ounce of right to say to anybody else how desperate he/she is unless she hurt anyone's pride. These are things that none of yours or Yoo Chun's photos with other actors and actresses can match.she can be a single mother who was put in jail due to the choice she've made. All have excellent acting skills, even the actor acted as Yong Tae Wu and Sena!So, you can become more famous and known by others. He is one of the best actor in Korean drama industry. If you are in crime, police or underworld type of stories with little romance, this drama is for you.... Love you Oh, this actor is so brillant, I'm compleated cautivated with his charm. I hope some day, not to far away find someone as wonderfull as him. In this drama he reminds me of Hugh Grant (Bridget Jones) and the late Jimmy Stewart (Its a Wonderful Life). I fell hopelessly in love with you since Cruel City/Heartless City, Doctor's Son... Its really going to take a lot to change my mind about you... JUNG KYUNG HO OPPA One more happy ending - Song Soo Hyuk - Soo Hyuk - Romeo - Min Wo Appa Falling for innocence - Kang Min Ho - Min Ho - James Kang Heartless city - Jung Shi Hyun - Shi Hyun - Shi Hyun Oppa - Doctor Son Endless love - Han Gwang Cheol - Gwang Cheol I bewitched from this drama, from this i started falling love with you, the more i follow you, i more loved you. I like your style, i like your acting, i love everything about you Kyung Ho Oppa. i admire you to keep choosing different role in every project you've got. Ah, when I see you in WGM - visit KSY2 house, it seems you know KSY unni pretty well, my judgement based on the letter you give to KSY groom. I enjoy Falling for Soon Jung (KSY unni), specially the bts & interview parts, hihi... I love it when he's acting childish like when he's in Falling For Innocence'.

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