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Among the personal information that allegedly was broadcast to some of Siruis XM’s 30 million subscribers was Barrigas’ phone number.The show’s fans, either acting as a band of merry pranksters or attempting to save the woman further embarrassment, began calling and texting in droves to inform Barrigas of what was happening.PHOTOS: Celebrity health scares The initial prognosis was scary, though.As Quivers told listeners, it took 12 hours for surgeons to remove the grapefruit-sized tumor last May.Either way, the producers at “The Howard Stern Show” found themselves listening to the private call between Forsyth and Barrigas.Then, according to the complaint filed Monday in Massachusetts District Court in Boston, they aired it.

It appeared the agency had applied her refund to outstanding liabilities from 20, even though she already had a repayment agreement in place. At some point during that call, though, Barrigas’ phone began lighting up like a Skrillex concert. The show often attempts to mine anything off-kilter (some, perhaps many, would say in poor taste) for laughs, from men faking orgasms with attractive women to having famous sportscasters prank-call small-market sports shows.

Speaking about her recent health scare with Stern, she explained that the cancer had been discovered in the endometrial tissue in her uterus about a year ago.

Since then, she has undergone successful surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy; doctors believe she is now in remission.

Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show is never short on shock value, but even longtime listeners were surprised by the Monday, Sept. During an uncharacteristically emotional segment on the show, Stern's sidekick, Robin Quivers, revealed that she had been fighting cancer for the last year.

Quivers, 61, had been absent from the studio since mid-2012 (but broadcasting from home for most of that time) -- and now fans know why.

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