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Attorney General Jeff Sessions reversed course from the previous Obama administration, telling the nation's 94 U. attorneys in a letter to "charge and pursue the most serious, readily provable offense." In recent years, there has been growing bipartisan interest in Congress that states and the courts should reevaluate lengthy prison terms because of the nations mass incarceration problem.Charges have been filed against two teenagers in a fatal police chase that left a Montgomery man dead.But don’t worry — many of our students have been there too, and we’ve learned a few things about what works best for them along the way.These important tips, specifically formulated for adult learners, can help make your journey to a degree a little bit smoother.

Now the teenagers are still considered juveniles by the courts. He did confirm that the crash and its results are being handled as a “murder” investigation.No matter what degree program you are pursuing, as a college student you'll need to know how to retain a large amount of reading material.The National Center for Education Statistics reports that reading scores for adults dropped by 10 percent over a ten-year period, particularly among well-educated groups (NCES, 2007).Programs have been offered as a community service by Regis University since 1997. The classes are provided as a community service, and are not associated with the many licensing and certification programs offered to education professionals by the Department of Education.For information, or to enroll online, please select an age group below: To speak with a program coordinator, or enroll by phone, call 800.964.8888 Mon - Fri: 6 a.m.

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