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Throughout the war against the Soviet invasion in the 1980s, and the civil strife that followed, Afghan fighters of all factions rejected suicide attacks as cowardly and un Islamic.Sharbat Gula shot to fame as a green-eyed 12-year-old on the cover of National Geographic in 1985 (left), but a more recent image of her (right) is circulating in media as part of a row about corruption in Pakistan."Social media can provide them with a platform for sharing their views and choosing somebody they think is the person they can spend their life with," said Omar Mansoor Ansari, who heads NICTAA.The Afghan woman whose portrait became one of the most well-known photographs of all time is to be deported from Pakistan after admitting to using false identity documents.A senior official in NADRA's Peshawar office, where the cards were issued, confirmed the investigation and told AFP that Sharbat Bibi and her two sons Rauf Khan and Wali Khan were issued cards on the same day.

Afghan security officials say many young suicide bombers are ferried from madrassahs in Pakistan’s tribal regions.While there were fears she could face 15 years in prison, a court sentenced her to 15 days imprisonment and a 110,000 Pakistani rupee (£839) fine.Ms Gula has already served 11 days in jail and the fine has already been paid.Taliban insurgents are regularly accused of using brainwashed young boys as suicide bombers in attacks on international or government targets, but the use of girls is far rarer.Col Hamidullah Siddique said the attack had happened in Khan Neshin district in the south of Helmand province, and Spogmai had turned herself in to police there.

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