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In fact, these two latter servers will ever be referred to in the configuration because the xxxbox will be in charge of resolving names if the packet destination isn't known.Consequently, I consider the xxxbox like a primary server outside of our domain. The purpose of this section is to help you setup BIND on Debian.The document will start you out from ground zero to an actually working fully functional BIND system.For example,, could both point to the primary server where the mail server and the business intranet reside, and the domain could be

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This step is important, because the IP address of a Web site's server, not the Web site's name, is used in routing traffic over the Internet.All bind related configuration files are now in /etc/bind. Please see Obtaining Help With BIND, Section 8.7 for advanced help with BIND.If you have already installed bind and answered the questions during install you can go back and reconfigure the base BIND system by typing bindconfig. bindconfig is what dpkg runs when it installs BIND so what I'm about to cover is exactly what you'll go through when you first install BIND. This program doesn't exist in bind versions 8.2.1 and higher.Now imagine that our network administrator decides for some reason or another to move the mail server to the machine only thing that has to be changed is the DNS server configuration file.

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